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This site is a dedication to breast, heart and thyroid care. I'm also a supporter of many causes.

living with heart disease

Surviving/living with heart disease

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Pericardial Effusion
Posted on 01/20/12 at 11:24 AM

My story is about having to deal with Thyroid Disease. Dealing with disease has been a journey, but now i was diagnosed with Pericardial Effusion. About 2 yrs ago i was taken to the hospital because i was going into atrial fibrilation, was in the hospital for 5 days with what they called Thyroid storm. This is something that made my heart, thyroid and blood pressure go sky high. I had to have a cardio version to regulate my heart, my heart is ok but i still get palpitations and have shortness of breath. I had to take a stress test and failed it because I couldnt breath. I’m hoping this disease will not take over my life, heart disease does run in my family. I am on blood pressure pills with diuretics to loose a little weight so i wont have to experience so many of the chest pains that i get. Well thats my story, hope there is anyone out there that is going through the same thing as I am.

thank you

Carmen Rodriguez